Обложка книги Pactum Warmundi

Pactum Warmundi

ISBN: 978-6-1320-0099-6;
Издательство: Книга по требованию

The Pactum Warmundi was a treaty of alliance established in 1123 between the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Republic of Venice.In 1123, King Baldwin II was taken prisoner by the Artuqid Turks, and the Kingdom of Jerusalem was subsequently invaded by the Fatimids of Egypt. The Doge of Venice, Domenico Michele, set sail with a large fleet, which defeated the Egyptian fleet off the coast of Syria and captured many ships. The Venetians then landed at Acre; the Doge completed a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, where he celebrated Christmas, and met with Patriarch Gormond and the Constable William Buris, governing Jerusalem in place of Baldwin II.

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