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Ventimiglia Railway Station

ISBN: 978-6-1320-0104-7;
Издательство: Книга по требованию

Ventimiglia railway station is the main station of the Italian city of Ventimiglia. It is at the end of three rail routes: the Genoa–Ventimiglia line, the Cuneo–Ventimiglia line and the Marseille–Ventimiglia line. It plays an important role not only in rail transport in Liguria, but also in Italy. Despite being an important statiion, it is in some disrepair.The station was opened at the end of 1871 and renamed Ventimiglia International station in 1882, with the construction of a new building passenger, featuring a glass roof over the tracks. This roof was later superseded by the current building, designed by the architect Roberto Narducci (who also designed 40 other Italian stations), which reflects, like other public buildings in Ventimiglia (especially the town hall and the gym), the typical lines of Italian rationalist architecture.

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