Обложка книги USS Crusader (1858)

USS Crusader (1858)

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USS Crusader (1858) was a screw steamer of the United States Navy that served prior to, and during, the American Civil War. Crusader was heavily armed and was used in a “gunboat diplomacy” role when the United States needed to place political pressure on the South American country of Paraguay. After completing that mission, she returned to the United States to participate as a gunboat in the blockade of the Confederate States of America. Originally named Chowan the ship was launched in 1857 in Murfreesboro, North Carolina. Four months later, its draftsman and builder, John K. Kirkham filed papers at the Hertford County Court for a lien for payment of $4,996 owed to him by the North Carolina and New York Steamship Company. She was seized by Sheriff John A. Vann. In February 1858, a jury awarded $2,287.36 to Kirkham and the court ordered that the ship be sold at auction on 4 May.