Обложка книги HMNZS Endeavour (1944)

HMNZS Endeavour (1944)

ISBN: 978-6-1329-2143-7;
Издательство: Книга по требованию

HMNZS Endeavour was a Royal New Zealand Navy Antarctic support vessel that five voyages to the Antarctic. She was the first of three ships in the Royal New Zealand Navy to bear that name. The ship was built in the United States in 1944 as Satinwood (YN-89) as a net tender of the Ailanthus class (but later redesignated as AN-76, a net layer) and transferred to the Royal Navy under Lend-Lease in August 1944. Commissioned as HMS Pretext (Z284), she served the United Kingdom until she was returned to United States Navy custody in November 1945.

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