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NRS Process

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The "New Regeneration System" NRS process is a process to reduce calcium from beet-root thin-juice. It is used in beet-sugar factories to improve the capacity and operating time of evaporators and to produce soft molasses that can be further de-sugarised with chromatography. The original technology was invented by AKZO for a different application. It was first used in French sugar factories, starting in the 1970s. Plants may have a capacity of some 100 up to 1000 m?/h and more. The system is often used in the USA, France, and Britain. German sugar makers traditionally prefer to invest into bigger evaporation capacity. The NRS-installation will consist of a number of columns filled with strong-acid-cationic resin. It is installed after carbonatation and filtration and before evaporation. The resin is loaded with sodium Na+ ions, that are exchanged for calcium Ca++. The softened juice will then be evaporated.

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