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Treaty of Serav

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Издательство: Книга по требованию

Treaty of Serav was a treaty between Ottoman Turkey and Safavid Persia after the war of 1615 - 1618. (signed on the 26th of September , 1618)By the treaty of Nasuh Pasha in 1612 Ottoman Empire had agreed to lose Caucasus and West Iran to Safavid Persia. Safavid Empire on the other hand agreed to pay an annual tribute of 200 loads of silk as as a part of reparations . However, Shah Abbas I of Persia refused to pay the tribute. The war renewed in 1615.The Ottoman commander in chief Grand Vizier Okuz Kara Mehmed Pasha tried to capture Yerevan (recently abandoned by the treaty of Nasuh Pasha). But he lifted the siege after 44 days. The target of the next commander in chief Damat Halil Pasha was Tebriz. This time Abbas sued for peace. The terms of the treaty was similar to those of treaty of Nasuh Pasha with several minor rectifications on border line. Also, the annual tribute of Persian side was...

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