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Yilan County, Heilongjiang

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s Republic of China. Its county seat, which is also called Yilan (Yialn town, Yilan zhen), is located near the fall of the Mudanjiang River (formerly known as the Hurka River) into the Sungari. During the rule of the Ming Dynasty in China, Yilan, formerly known as Sanxing, was one of the two important centers of the Jianzhou Jurchens of the Hurka River valley. (The other center was Ninguta in the upper reaches of the Hurka). The town retained its importance into the Qing period, and in 1692 became the seat of a Deputy Lieutenant-General. Subordinated to the Governor General (jiangjun) in Jilin City. the Sanxing Fu dutong was in control of the northeastern section of the Jilin Province (which in those days was much larger than now) - a large region stretching northeast along the Sungari and the Amur to the Pacific Ocean.

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