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Walter Byron

ISBN: 978-6-1320-0534-2;
Издательство: Книга по требованию

Walter Jacob Byron (September 2, 1894 – December 22, 1971) was a Canadian ice hockey player who competed in the 1920 Summer Olympics.He was the goalkeeper for the Winnipeg Falcons, the Canadian team which won the gold medal. He was born and died in Winnipeg.The Winnipeg Falcons was a hockey team based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.The Winnipeg Falcons hockey team was founded in 1911 with a roster of entirely Icelandic players who were not able to play on the other Winnipeg teams due to racial prejudice. In their first season, 1911-1912, they finished at the bottom of their league. The next year, Konnie Johannesson and Frank Frederickson joined the team. That team turned out to be a winner in the league.

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