Обложка книги Saint- Georges- de- Noisne

Saint- Georges- de- Noisne

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Издательство: Книга по требованию

Saint-Georges-de-Noisne is a commune in the Deux-Sevres department in western France. Deux-Sevres is a French departement. Deux-Sevres literally means "two Sevres": the Sevre Nantaise and the Sevre Niortaise are two rivers which have their sources in the department. The departement remains rural: three-quarters of the area consists of arable land. Wheat and oats are the main products grown, as well as potatoes, apples, and walnuts. Niort is the center for growing vegetables and angelica. Some beetroot is grown in the district of Melle. Vineyards are numerous in the north (Vins du Haut-Poitou), and there are some in the south. The departement is also well known for the breeding of cattle, mules, and horses. The Parthenais breed of cattle is named after the town of Parthenay in the north of the departement. Also, dairy products are collected in sizeable quantities (butter in Echire, goats cheese).