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USS Cyclone (PC-1)

ISBN: 978-6-1320-0689-9;

s Cyclone class coastal patrol ships. As the first of her class, Cyclone served as the test bed for this series of 14 vessels. She was laid down at Bollinger Shipyards, in Lockport, Louisiana, on 22 June 1990, launched on 1 February 1992, and commissioned on 7 August 1993. The primary mission of the Cyclone was to serve as a platform for conducting maritime special operations, including interdiction, escort, noncombatant evacuation, reconnaissance, operational deception, intelligence collection, and tactical swimmer operations. Her small size, stealthy construction and high speed were tailored to performing long-range Special Operations Forces (SOF) insertion and extraction as well as other SOF support duties as needed.

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