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Tolland Green Historic District

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Tolland Green Historic District is a historic district that includes the town green, Tolland Green, of the New England town of Tolland, Connecticut. The green is a long and narrow strip of land oriented in a north-south direction. The district includes the green and the surrounding properties. The historic district contains 55 contributing buildings and one other site, and is located primarily along Merrow Road (Route 195) from just south of Cider Mill Road in the south, past the Tolland Green, then widening in the north to encompass both Tolland Stage Road (Route 74) and the street known as Tolland Green to roughly Dunn Hill Road. Around the Green are several 18th and 19th century houses, and civic and religious buildings. Route 195 serves as the west boundary while the street known as Tolland Green serves as the east boundary. Route 74 goes through from east to west cutting the Green into two halves.

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