Обложка книги Between the Worlds: Shamanism of the Peoples of Siberia

Between the Worlds: Shamanism of the Peoples of Siberia

ISBN: 5-98940-008-X;
Издательство: Художник и книга
Страниц: 296

Now, in the latter half of the first decade of the twenty- first century, it seems that there is no area of the sciences or know ledge of which we cannot learn in detail on the Internet or in specialist publications. Yet we have not found all the answers to questions such as who we are, where we came from and how we got there. Interest in shamanism as a phenomenon of spiritual culture has remained high over the centuries. World-famous scholars like James George Frazer, LJ.Steinberg, Mircea Eliade and many others have written and continue to write on shamanism as mysticism, magic, religion, and worldview. The fact that shamanism is so widespread and can be found in Asia, Africa, America, Australia and in Northern Europe means that it is a frequent subject of study. The viability of shamanism is also impressive. In Russia shamanism has survived violent repression by the Soviet authorities; it has also been preserved in Europe and America. For ethnographers...