Обложка книги Royal Hunting

Royal Hunting

ISBN: 5-901685-04-0;
Издательство: Художник и книга
Страниц: 432

The exhibition "Royal Hunting", which is to run in Moscow from 26th September 2002 until 20th February 2003, deals with various types of hunting, the pastimes of the elite in Russian and German society, which impressed everyone by their scale and splendour for centuries. The exhibition embraces the period from the 16th to the early 20th century and shows the significance of hunting at the time when it was the favourite leisure activity of the Russian sovereigns. The large number of exhibits taken from 13 Russian and German museums will acquaint visitors with fields of Russian history and culture about which little is still known. The exhibition offers visitors to the Historical Museum the opportunity to acquaint them-selves with hunting in the German principalities, taking Hessen-Kassel as an example. The 16th-19th century pictures, weapons and hunting equipment from the State Museums of Kassel displayed here not only reflect the entertaining and reckless, exciting sides of...