Обложка книги Estonia: The Bloody Trace of Nazism: 1941-1944

Estonia: The Bloody Trace of Nazism: 1941-1944

ISBN: 978-5-903588-04-6;
Издательство: Алексей Яковлев
Страниц: 208
Формат: 60x90/16

In the present-day Estonia, statements are being persistently circulated to the effect that during World War II, Estonian soldiers serving in the Wehrmacht did not take part in punitive actions against the population and had nothing whatsoever to do with executions of civilians and the Holocaust. These claims are made not only by the Estonian combatants and young neo-Nazis, proclaiming slogans hardly fit for a country that has been accepted to the European Union, but also high-ranking officials, including Estonia's ex-president Arnold Ruutel, following suit. According to the official position of the Estonian politicians, Estonians wearing German uniform were fighting for the freedom of Estonia only in their own territory and only against the Soviets, doing all they could in order to "lay the foundation for the continuation of resistance that brought about the restoration of Estonian independence decades later". Lies can sometimes be rather refined but this one is a crude lie that is...