Обложка книги Business Graphics

Business Graphics

ISBN: 978-981-245-387-7;
Издательство: Page One
Страниц: 322

This rare, comprehensive study of graphic design drills down to reveal the undeniable relationship between design and business success. Whether it's a complete redesign of a company's identity or the launch of a new product or service, an effective design helps businesses communicate clearly and accurately in a compelling and valuable way. Business Graphics presents fifteen remarkable case studies and hundreds of innovative examples that illustrate how strategic and thoughtful design can positively affect business development, sustainability, and growth. Includes: A vast array of work within the corporate sector-design solutions that have helped business clients succeed. A breakdown of the critical thinking behind the featured works, which addresses the challenges the designers overcame. Examples of branding campaigns, graphic standards manuals, corporate brochures, direct-mail pieces, in-house employee publications, logos, media kits,...