Обложка книги Van Gogh on Location

Van Gogh on Location

ISBN: 0-7858-0107-3;
Издательство: Regency House Publishing Limited
Страниц: 80

Many of the world's greatest painters were landscape painters first and foremost. They responded strongly to particular locations, be they rural, mountain, river, coastal, or domestic. This book investigates the links between Van Gogh and the world around him, and in reviewing the paintings in terms of his response to particular scenes, both takes us on a tour through the artist's life, and provides an invaluable perspective on his achievement. Van Gogh's travels from his native Holland took him to Paris, to London, and into rural France, and finally to Aries. In the course of an increasingly tragic life, he developed an intensity of expression, to which the modern generation has responded in a very personal way. Van Gogh's own dislocation mirrors the dislocation many feel in our own time, and his broad brush, strong colours, and broadly etched vision have a continuing appeal to urban generations seeking to regain a foothold in the countryside. Whether it be people,...