Обложка книги Nicholas II: The Family Album

Nicholas II: The Family Album

ISBN: 5-88143-099-9;
Издательство: Мар-Соф
Страниц: 32

This small album about the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II and his Family can''t show all the importance of the events that happened 90 years ago. It is impossible to describe all the events of that time even in a large magazine. Lots of books had been written about the tragedy of Nicholas II and his family. He paid for all his mistakes and died with his wife and 5 children. In fact, the Emperor''s tragedy is reasonable: it was not his time to born. He couldn''t realize the size and consequences of a forthcoming storm. The traditions were very important for the Emperor''s family. Their great spirit and belief gave them power. In this magazine we wanted to show you that Nicholas II was a perfect husband and wonderful father. Our purpose is to make this information available for everyone.