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Movies of the 40s (Midi S.)

ISBN: 3822839868;
Издательство: Taschen
Страниц: 578

Book DescriptionA trendsetting decade in world cinema The 40s were the decade of the movies. With the world at war, directors served up propaganda and escapist entertainment to the massed moviegoers of the pre-television age. Yet in many countries, therewas also a parallel tendency towards greater realism. In Italy, for example, the spirit of the resistance culminated in the neorealist movement, which inspired the world?s moviemakers with masterpieces such as De Sica?s Bicycle Thieves (1948). In Hollywood, the 40s were probably the most creative phase in the studios? history. Never before had the Dream Factory brought such compellingly edgy and experimental films to the silver screen. The most seminal work of the decade was Citizen Kane (1941); Orson Welles?s extravagantly original debut anticipated the expressive visual style that would come to typify film noir?the genre of "dark movies," populated by romantic antiheroes and femmes fatales, that still...