Обложка книги The Art of Russian Jewellery: Nine Centuries of History

The Art of Russian Jewellery: Nine Centuries of History

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ISBN: 5-88678-110-2; 5-901685-70-9;
Издательство: Художник и книга
Страниц: 176

The subject of this book is the collection of Russian jewellery dating from the twelfth to the early twentieth centuries now belonging to the Moscow Kremlin Museums. Unique in terms of both their artistic and historical importance, many of these works were created by Russian masters in the artistic workshops of the Kremlin for the grand princes and tsars. The texts acquaint the reader with the history of Russian jewellery, the various decorative techniques and the museum collection. Besides illustrating many of the masterpieces, the book also includes portraits of Russian sovereigns, engravings and photographs of works of architecture, offering a fascinating insight into each period in the history of art. The appendix section offers detailed information on the masters, jewellers, jewellery firms, work-shops and artels with works reproduced in this album.

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