Обложка книги Art & Architecture. Rome

Art & Architecture. Rome

ISBN: 3-8331-1484-3;
Издательство: Konemann
Страниц: 626

Roma aeterna, the "Eternal City" - for hundreds of years its unparalleled grandeur and beauty have cast a spell over visitors. Three thousand years of history have left their mark on this fascinating city and made it a unique showcase of European art. This art travel guide provides a combination of practical orientation for travelers and deeper insight into the art history of Rome and the Vatican City. Comprehensive guide to the most important sights; Depictions of each work of art or architecture discussed; Essays on history and culture; An illustrated overview of Roman emperors and popes; Maps of the city and ground plans of buildings; Illustrated timelines; Guide to Roman architectural styles; Glossary; Artists' biographies; Detailed index. Формат издания: 16 см х 17 см. Книга на английском языке.

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