Обложка книги Art & Architecture. Andalusia

Art & Architecture. Andalusia

ISBN: 3-8331-2534-9; 9-783-8331-2534-8; 3-8331-2533-0;
Издательство: Konemann
Страниц: 536
Формат: 150х170 мм

The collision of the most varied cultures in Andalusia has, across the centuries, uniquely shaped the artistic panorama of southern Spain. This comprehensive art-travel guide introduces the most significant sites of special interest through informed text and impressive images. Illustrated town maps, building plans and timelines, a clear glossary, and biographies of individual artists offer prompt orientation and a sound art-historical presentation of a unique artistic and cultural landscape. Формат издания: 16 см х 17 см. Книга на английском языке.

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