Обложка книги Dog Accessories

Dog Accessories

ISBN: 9789076886428;
Издательство: Tectum
Страниц: 216

Whether a war dog or a guide dog for the blind, a clever dog that does tricks or a circus dog, a guard dog or a regimental mascot, this animal has had a privileged place in man's heart for several thousands of years. A symbol of fidelity, it is one of man's oldest animal companions, and a plays a considerable role in the equilibrium and life of so many humans. From rising to going to bed, we are giving here an incursion into the life of this animal friend of ours, as well as the cats, rabbits and other animal peers. From beauty secrets to the latest in jackets, for whiling away an afternoon showing off our charges among friends, or the most way-out culinary inventions, Dog Accessories presents a selection of the very trendiest accessories from the designers most in vogue. So you can be sure that your doggy friend will not be left lurking out of the fashion limelight, and will continue to surprise! Издание на английском, французском, голландском языках. Формат: 21 см...