Обложка книги Samuel F. B. Morse

Samuel F. B. Morse

ISBN: 0-8109-1531-6;
Издательство: Harry N. Abrams, Inc
Страниц: 160

"Do you suppose it is the same Morse?" This question is often heard when people are viewing paintings by Samuel F. B. Morse in museums. Those who do not know that he painted are surprised to find that the inventor of the telegraph was also an artist. This volume in the acclaimed Library of American Art presents a substantial number of Morse's paintings, examines them critically, anti traces the artistic and intellectual life of an intriguing man who not only changed history with his invention, but recorded history with his painting. That it was a record of American people rather than American events was a disappointment for Morse. It should not be for us. We can recognize, as James Thomas Flexner did thirty years ago, that Morse practiced portraiture "without affectation [and] gave full sway to that creative realism" which was the special mark of his genius. Издание на английском языке.