Обложка книги 50 Great Kitchens by Architects

50 Great Kitchens by Architects

ISBN: 9781920744700;
Издательство: Images Publishing Group
Страниц: 128

In the lifetime of a single house or apartment, the kitchen can undergo countless renovations, and many a homebuyer has dismissed a purchase owing to an outdated kitchen. Yet, despite this need to move with the times, the kitchen remains a warm and nurturing place where food is prepared and served, and family and friends gather after work or school to discuss the day just passed. 50 Great Kitchens by Architects features the expertise of leading architects in creating comfortable, visually pleasing, and functional kitchens. Color photographs show the kitchens within the context of their surrounding rooms, as well as the finer details. A personal quote from each architect provides insight into what they believe to be the most important design feature of the kitchen displayed. Издание на английском языке.