Обложка книги 50 of the World's Best Apartments

50 of the World's Best Apartments

ISBN: 1-920744-49-5; 9781920744496;
Издательство: Images Publishing Group
Страниц: 332

Is apartment living the way of the future? According to some, it's the only way to live. For most apartment-dwellers, beautiful views, functional floor plans, low maintenance and convenient, inner-city locations far outweigh the attributes of the traditional quarter-acre suburban block. This book presents, through text, superb photographs and detailed floor plans, 50 of the best apartments from around the world, The spectacular vistas of cities such as New York, London, Melbourne, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro provide the enviable 'backyards' of many of these apartments. These views have inspired the featured architects and designers to create sumptuous interiors that reflect their sophisticated locations. In addition to multi-story lavish penthouses, the book also features some smaller, more innovative projects that have inspired architects to overcome the challenges presented by restricted floor plans, and to offer unique solutions for those...