Обложка книги Furniture from Rocco to Art Deco

Furniture from Rocco to Art Deco

ISBN: 3-8228-6517-6;
Издательство: Evergreen
Страниц: 816
Формат: 84x104/32

This is a reference work of truly remarkable scope, covering the history of furniture and interior design from the 18th century to Art Deco, and offering a survey of outstanding cabinet-makers and designers as it unfolds. With its 1300 or more illustrations, most of them in colour, the book takes the reader through two hundred and fifty years of changing styles, highlighting characteristics of the various periods and the influences which the transformation of styles and trends over three centuries reflect. The geographical focus of this study is Europe, particular emphasis being given to developments in France, England, Italy and Germany. The contributors are among the most distinguished art-historians of our day. Издание на английском языке. Формат: 22 см х 28,5 см.