Обложка книги Minimalist Interiors

Minimalist Interiors

ISBN: 3822841889;
Издательство: Evergreen
Страниц: 384

The term minimalism has not always been used correctly, and even today it continues to cause confusion when it is used to define artistic trends, schools of thought or creative movements. The term began to be bandied about in the 1960s, when artists like Donald Judd and Robert Morris broke on to the scene. Minimalist Interiors takes us on a far-reaching visual journey through spaces that best define this esthetic. The projects presented herein are not linked solely by minimalist concepts, but also by the way in which light exerts an influence on space; by the shapes they form to configure their interior spaces; by their design and structure, and by the characteristics of their materials. All these acquire a fundamental importance, at the expense of decor and ornamentation, and without any concessions to convenience or the evocation of superfluous emotions. This, then, is an architecture that advocates specific forms, intended to relate to their surroundings and create an identity that...