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House Design

ISBN: 3-937718-06-0; 978-3-937718-06-4;
Издательство: daab
Страниц: 400

In recent years the lines that define the characteristics of the modern house have lost the severity that distinguished them in the past. Although the uses that a home must fulfill - cooking, relaxation, personal hygiene, interaction with other people, etc. - remain the same as ever, the solutions for tackling them are now very different and diverse. As a result, no specific formula can be established to define how a home should be. A house is conceived - and drawn up - with many considerations in mind. Adaptation to the terrain and the climate, the budget and the needs of its future inhabitants are all elements that affect its eventual form, but they are not definitive; an architect can use different strategies to resolve identical programs. Thus, some homes combine all their uses in a single space, while others separate the day-time and night-time areas, or those for work and leisure. Sometimes a project is understood as a continuum of its setting, in that a garden or terrace seems...