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Restaurant Design

ISBN: 3-937718-02-8;
Издательство: daab
Страниц: 400

There are few planning tasks that so clearly show the effects of globalization as the design of restaurants. This often has less to do with the uniformity of international companies such as Starbucks and McDonalds, and more to do with the central concept of corporate identity in system gastronomy. The result is a visual design that requires the same chairs for Starbucks in China as for Starbucks in Alaska. McDonalds employs the same notion, varying local decoration from time to time. In contrast, individual concepts - the main theme of this book - are as diverse as ever. Perhaps it's even possible that the will to experiment has increased, thanks to new materials and innovations in lighting. Contemporary restaurant design, however, seems to be taking less and less notice of regional culture, at least in cities. Whether Mark Newson creates a property in London or New York - such as the Lever House, opened in 2003 - the design displays his signature, unmistakeably and regardless of...