Обложка книги Desire for Space: New Interior Design in Russia

Desire for Space: New Interior Design in Russia


ISBN: 978-981-245-561-1;
Издательство: Page One
Страниц: 336

Just two decades after perestroika, architecture in Russia has moved away from its initial eclecticism and found its own way forward. The new desire for space finds expression in extensive planning in the field of interior design, among other areas. The reasons for thi: are obvious. Firstly, money is no object for powerful building owners on the lookout for originality in their private sphere when commissioning work from established bureaus. Secondly, the young generation has especially gained much public attention for its strikingly new interior design. These architectonic statements go hand in hand with a clear theoretical position. This is the background behind this book, which presents over 60 works representing the architecture of the new Russia. Introductory texts and positions, including interviews with five well-known architects, integrate the works presented here into the current discourse concerning the role of the architect in the new Russia. Издание на английском...

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