Обложка книги Asian Resorts

Asian Resorts

ISBN: 981-4019-93-3;
Издательство: Page One
Страниц: 400

Asian Resorts is conceived to be the most comprehensive collection on Asian resorts. Written and shot by the region's best known Asian architecture specialist, Tan Hock Beng, who has already put together five books on the design and aesthetics of tropical architecture, Asian Resorts promises to show its readers the biggest variety of Asian resorts that no other book has ever shown. With its beautifully shot images and relevant information, this book will certainly serve and entertain you beyond just the coffee table. In fact, it is a must-have for every architectural office and every home. Broken down into 18 chapters, each chapter focuses on one design aspect. The chapters include Art & Sculpture, Forms & Facades, The Tropical Roofscape, Halls, Lounges, Dining Rooms, Studies & Libraries, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Courtyards, Transition Spaces, Lighting, Colour, Landscapes and Gardens, Water Features, Openings, Details Textures & Fabrics and lastly, Furnishings and Decorative...

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