Обложка книги Love Russian Style

Love Russian Style

ISBN: 5-7172-0023-4; 0-939010-44-5;
Издательство: Glas Глас
Страниц: 240

"Love russian style". The theme was suggested not primarily by the emerging erotic press in Russia, although that is represented here, nor by the uninhibited writings of the younger generation of Russian writers, some of whom we also present (Ergali Ger, Igor Yarkevich, Sergei Task), but by a story by the 1993 Booker Prize winner Vladimir Makanin about an unmarried woman who carries on an unsatisfactory relationship with a married man, then with two married men both of whom eventually abandon her. The detail of her slow-moving, tortuous love affair vividly characterises the hopeless and humiliating position of the unmarried woman in Russia, no matter how independent and uncomplaining she is trying to be. We are proud to present an interesting woman author, Nina Gabrielian, one of the editors of the first Russian feminist almanac Transfiguration and an activist in the fast developing feminist movement in Russia. Women are only just finding their voice, and outstanding women...