Обложка книги Pilates


ISBN: 3-8228-4977-4;
Издательство: Taschen
Страниц: 50

A set of 50 cards shows you me easiest way to make your torso, legs, and arms both longer and leaner. Once a fitness secret of ballerinas and Hollywood stars, the challenge of Pilates is that the exercises - even those for beginners - can be tough for many people who are new to the experience. Fortunately, the author has come to the rescue! This deck was specifically designed to help people learn the basics of this most effective abdominal flattener and back strengthener. Wouldn't you love to change your body? Those of us who do Pilates know that you can-not in an invasive, harsh way that stresses your body, but in a subtle way that results in permanent change. While strict Pilates is a vigorous fitness method, this deck presents a much more subtle approach to the exercises. These gentle movements will give you all the benefits of Pilates, such as the long and strong muscles of a ballerina, a firm and flat tummy, and a taller and toned appearance- not to mention a tighter...