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Lucio Tavernini

Continuous-Time Modeling and Simulation: Using Turbo Pascal and CTMS/TP (Computers in Education)

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ISBN: 2884492232
Издательство: T&F STM
While several books on simulation exist for engineers, this is the first book of its kind suitable for use by mathematicians. It covers differential equations with time (transport) delays in detail as well as problems with hysteresis. Uses the differential automaton model of hysteresis, which is an approach quite different from the well-known classical approach. Volume 2 provides an introduction to a very broad class of mathematical model-building techniques and illustrates how these models can be simulated using CTMS (Continuous-Time Model Simulation) embedded into an existing procedural programming language, Turbo Pascal. This simulation package, CTMS/TP, is simple, accurate, interactive, user-friendly and is IBM-PC compatible. It requires a hard disk with a minimum of two megabytes of free storage space, Turbo Pascal 7.0, DOS 3.0 or a higher release and a minimum of 512 Kbytes of RAM. A 3 1/2" diskette with the CTMS/TP simulation software is enclosed with the book. Replacement...