Обложка книги Turbo Pascal

Turbo Pascal

ISBN: 0201350866;
Издательство: Addison Wesley Publishing Company

"By tapping into students' enthusiasm about the Web, this update will excite students as well as give them a strong introduction to programming. This new coverage explains the workings of the Internet and teaches students how toharness its information." ---Elliot Koffman Elliot Koffman's Turbo Pascal is a classic, proven introduction to programming and problem solving. Now, this special update of the fifth edition incorporates the exciting world of the Internet into your Introductory Programming course. In addition to a new chapter on the Internet and the World Wide Web, all of the code previously found on an accompanying disk is now located on the book's website. By having students use the website throughout the course, the book will help students become more comfortable using the Web for classwork and for their own interests. The rest of the text contains the same careful and thorough coverage...