Обложка книги Old Irish Paradigms (Irish Studies)

Old Irish Paradigms (Irish Studies)

ISBN: 0901714356;
Издательство: Royal Irish Academy Dublin
Страниц: 224

This edition has been further revised and enlarged. New sections have been added to the Paradigms, illustrating the declension of article+noun+adjective, and the use of the infixed pronoun. Some of the verbal paradigms have been arranged in a fuller and clearer form. In the Selections the spelling of the Latin has as a rule been normalized. Where the text of the Glosses has been emended, the manuscript readings are given in foot-notes. Though these may seem out of place in an elementary book, I hope they will be helpful to students who intend to pass on to the study of Early Irish manuscripts. Mere extensions, however, have not been marked by special type. Many of the Notes have been re-written, and Additional Notes appended. References to the Glosses have been added to the Vocabulary. Advanced students can now consult Thurneysen's Grammar of Old Irish, the hew edition, in English, of his Handbuch.

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