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Barry Davies

The Spycraft Manual: The Insider's Guide to Espionage Techniques

Обложка книги The Spycraft Manual: The Insider's Guide to Espionage Techniques

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ISBN: 0760320748
Издательство: Zenith Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 192
Intelligence in the field of counter-terrorism is a different and, in many aspects, arduous and dangerous task. The lives of many agents are in continuous danger. The rules of the game are cruelas moral and ethical considerations are negated by the bullet. There is no honor between rivals on the streets of Beirut or Baghdadonly the most quickwitted survive. A modern spy must blend in, live among the enemy, speak the language, befriend, and exploit the enemy at very opportunity. They are required to be streetwise, rough, tough, and ruthless. The Spycraft Manual is a step-by-step instruction book on the tradecraft and skills that spies use. Each individual subject contains masses of fascinating, previously undisclosed information, all graphically illustrated with simple black and white line drawings. From the seven basic drills of agent contact to satellite surveillance, The Spycraft Manual is a perfect reference to the whole world of espionage. The techniques and strategies used by...
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