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Ian Wilson


ISBN: 978-84-92505-00-5;

This catalogue raisonn is the first attempt to provide an overview of Ian Wilson's discussions realised between 1968 and 2008. Due to the nature of Wilson's work, this project presented an unusual challenge. Amongst other things, his intention was to create an art form that would leave no residue but would exist only in the moment of its creation. He does not allow the discussions to be recorded by means of film, audiotape or photograph, and as a result there is no trace of the work itself, except in the minds of those who participated. Some of the questions we had to consider when putting together this catalogue included: Would it be possible to retrace and describe this oeuvre? How can an inventory of such temporal works be made? What would this imply in relation to the immateriality of the individual works? What might be deduced from the information gathered during the research process?

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