Обложка книги Dragons of Faerun (Forgotten Realms Supplement)

Dragons of Faerun (Forgotten Realms Supplement)

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ISBN: 0786939230;
Издательство: Wizards of the Coast
Страниц: 160

Long ago, dragons ruled the world, and although their power has waxed and waned over the millennia, they never forget the glory of the distant past. Now and then, some world-shaking event or revelation brings out the worst in them … and transforms Faerun forever. If you want dragons to serve important roles in your campaign, this supplement is for you! It describes some of Faerun’s most notorious dragons and dracoliches and presents information on dragon-related organizations such as the church of Tiamat and the Cult of the Dragon. In addition, this book includes ready-to-play adventures, new traps and treasures found within dragons’ lairs, new dragon spells, and new monsters.

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