Обложка книги Parallel Image Processing

Parallel Image Processing

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ISBN: 3540674004;
Издательство: Springer-Verlag

This book serves as a general introduction to the area of image processing as well as to data-parallel processing. It covers a number of standard algorithms in image processing and describes their parallel implementation in a practical "hands-on" approach: Each algorithm is accompanied by numerous diagrams and program source code. Combining text, graphics, and programs is a new approach in presenting the subject matter, which will help students to better grasp the concepts - irrespective of the programming language used. The programming language chosen for all examples is a structured parallel programming language which is ideal for educational purposes. It has a number of advantages over C, and since all image processing tasks are inherently parallel, using a parallel language for presentation actually simplifies the subject matter, resulting in shorter source codes and better understanding. Sample programs and a free compiler are available on the Web.