Обложка книги Vida feliz de un joven llamado Esteban (Novela Historica)

Vida feliz de un joven llamado Esteban (Novela Historica)

ISBN: 8440698720;
Издательство: Ediciones B
Страниц: 263

A lucid and emotional homage to the simple life, this reflective novel plays with the notion that it is only possible to understand one's own life by reflecting on those of other people. On a snowy day in Paris, Esteban Hinestroza gazes out of his window and loses himself in memories of his 1960s childhood in Colombia. As he sorts through memories of his own past, Esteban recalls the personal history of ToA±o, who loved Delia but couldn't defend himself against Cory's jealousy; of the child Ismail, whose family guarded the bones of his dead uncle; and of Federico, an expert in suicides with a profound understanding of interpersonal relationships, particularly those from his own past.