Обложка книги Learn Peach Tree Accounting

Learn Peach Tree Accounting

ISBN: 1556227108;
Издательство: Wordware Publishing

Written especially for non-accountant business owners who are trying to find a lower-cost, easy-to-use method of getting a handle on their business processes, Learn Peachtree Accounting discusses the basics of setting up an accounting system using Peachtree. The author begins by explaining how to install Peachtree and set up a new company, and then demonstrates the Three-Month Plan she uses in her consulting business. Learn how to: * Set up and enter invoices, receipts, purchases, and payments. * Configure payroll, including advances, expenses, tips, and benefits. * Track inventory. * Balance your accounts payable and accounts receivable. * Assign sales tax rates and sales tax codes. * Reconcile accounts and inventory. * Perform quarterly and annual procedures. * Create customized reports and forms.These files include procedure lists, forms, spreadsheets, and backups of sample companies.