Обложка книги Stephen Eckett on Online Investing

Stephen Eckett on Online Investing

ISBN: 1897597142;
Издательство: Harriman House Publishing

In Stephen Eckett's bi-weekly column for Investors Chronicle he answers readers' questions about internet investing. Often they are problems which are driving readers mad, but which can be solved very simply. This book is a collection of the most useful Q&As from the last 2 years, updated to take account of new web sites and changing technology. The content covers a wide variety of issues including: - how to import web data into a spreadsheet - quick ways to copy text from a web page - using morethan one ISP - minimising connection charges - speeding up browsing - improving download speeds - IE shortcuts & add-ons - keyboard shortcuts - lost files - safe ways to save data - printing charts from web pages - newsgroups and BBs - where to get free software - using stock screeners - using stop losses - email newsletters - tip sites - monitoring fund prices - base values for CGT calculations - market data sources (price & volume, real-time & historic) - company data sources -...

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