Обложка книги WordPerfect 8.0 - Introduction

WordPerfect 8.0 - Introduction

ISBN: 1582640327;
Издательство: ActiveEducation

WordPerfect 8: Introduction ActiveEducation's course, WordPerfect 8: Introduction, presents the basic operations for creating, editing, formatting, and printing documents using Corel WordPerfect 8. No prior knowledge of word processing is required. Course length: 6-8 hours. Course Objectives ? create and save a document ? edit a document ? work with text ? change the layout of a document ? use the spell checker and thesaurus ? use additional features Lesson Topics Lesson 1: Creating and Saving a Document Understanding Basic Window Elements Creating and Saving a File Accessing Online Help Lesson 2: Editing a Document Opening a File Moving around in and Editing a Document Correcting Errors Automatically Printing a File Lesson 3: Working with Text Working with the Toolbar and the Power Bar Changing the Appearance of Text Changing Alignment and Case Manipulating...