Обложка книги The Secret History of the Iraq War

The Secret History of the Iraq War

ISBN: 0-06073-679-8;
Страниц: 570

In the months leading up to March 2003, fresh from its swift and heady victory in Afghanistan, the Bush administration mobilized the United States armed forces to overthrow the government of Iraq. Eight months after the president declared an end to major combat operations, Saddam Hussein was captured in a farmhouse in Al-Dawr. And yet neither peace nor democracy has taken hold in Iraq; instead the country has plunged into terrorist insurgency and guerrilla warfare, with no end in sight. What went wrong? In The Secret History of the Iraq War , bestselling author Yossef Bodansky offers an astonishing new account of the war and its aftermath - a war that was doomed from the start, he argues, by the massive and systemic failures of the American intelligence community. Drawing back the curtain of politicized debate, Bodansky - a longtime expert and director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare - reveals that nearly every aspect of America's...

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