Обложка книги Monster Collection: Volume 1

Monster Collection: Volume 1

ISBN: 1401206506;
Издательство: Cmx
Страниц: 168

Kasche Arbadel is the most promising summoning student in the School of Sorcery. Her preternatural empathy with beasts, allows her to control monsters well beyond her training, but it also causes her to share their pain. Trouble seems to follow her wherever she goes, and her reckless behavior nearly made her department bankrupt. When a magical relic is stolen from the Summoning department’s vaults, Kasche is sent in pursuit. But finding the thief is only the beginning of her adventure. Kasche uncovers an evil Marquise’s plot to overthrow the kingdom by using the legendary ENCYCLOPEDIA VERUM, an ancient tome containing the summoning names of the most powerful monsters ever seen. Working with him is Eclipse, an inhuman summoner who dabbles in the forbidden art of necromancy.