Обложка книги Logic: An Introduction (Fundamentals of Philosophy)

Logic: An Introduction (Fundamentals of Philosophy)

ISBN: 0773524231;
Издательство: McGill-Queen's University Press
Страниц: 226

Understanding logic is essential for philosophy and crucial in the study of mathematics, computing, and linguistics. Greg Restall's Logic is a comprehensive introduction to the major concepts and techniques involved in the study of logic, including propositions and arguments, truth tables, tree methods, conditionality, and natural deduction. He explores both formal and philosophical logic and examines the ways in which we can achieve good reasoning. Logic is flexibly designed to be used in courses focusing exclusively on formal logic or in a variety of approaches that include philosophical logic and will therefore be of interest to students of computer science, cognitive science, and linguistics as well as philosophy. Each chapter includes excellent suggestions for further reading and exercises.

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