Обложка книги Intelligence Analysis: A Target-centric Approach

Intelligence Analysis: A Target-centric Approach

ISBN: 1933116935;
Издательство: CQ Press
Страниц: 322

For nearly 50 years, facing a static enemy, American intelligence analysis was based on a hierarchical decision-making process that oftentimes insulated analysts from criticism and interaction with the ultimate consumers of their product. In countering asymmetric threats and non-state adversaries, the model is simply outmoded. A flatter, horizontal, networked solution has proven much more effective in today's world. In his second edition, Robert Clark--former CIA analyst and executive in the Intelligence Directorate--explains how a collaborative, target-centric process both attends to the needs of the customer and promotes more effective collection. Based on feedback from users, early chapters introduce the concept of model synthesis more gradually. Recent intelligence events--with the Iraqi WMD Commission Report at center stage--illustrate the importance of target-centric analysis. This revision also includes broader treatment of collection strategies, systems analysis, and...