Обложка книги Sensual Phrase (Kaikan Phrase) Vol.1

Sensual Phrase (Kaikan Phrase) Vol.1

ISBN: 159116205X;
Издательство: VIZ Media LLC
Страниц: 192

In short order, Sakuya and his crew compose a song using Aine's lyrics. The tune proves popular with the band's fans and Sakuya decides he wants a relationship, both professional and personal, with Aine. There's only one small requirement: The lyrics Aine writes must be erotically charged. And guess what? Sakuya fully intends to introduce the young and inexperienced girl into the world of sensual delights. Does Sakuya actually care for Aine, or is she just another sexual conquest for him? Will Aine fulfill her dreams and become a professional lyricist, or has she simply sold her soul to Lucifer?