Обложка книги Slayers Text, Vol. 5: The Silver Beast

Slayers Text, Vol. 5: The Silver Beast


ISBN: 1595325816;
Издательство: TokyoPop
Страниц: 192

Lina has lost her magic! In an attempt to restore it, she travels to a village where Ruby Eye Shabragnidu, the demon lord, is said to live. There, a mysterious priest sells Lina a magic talisman...but will it be enough to restore power to our favorite flat-chested sorceress? Let's hope soa?"next up, the group must venture to Mane, where Zelgadiss has but one wish: to get his body back! With magical beasts, the Sword of Light, and one of the biggest and baddest demons, this flavor-filled volume of Slayers is one delicious dish!

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